Empowering Victims of Sexual Abuse
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Empowering Victims of Sexual Abuse

I joined a majority of my House colleagues this week in passing legislation that would empower victims of sexual abuse by eliminating the criminal statute of limitations for prosecutions of sexual abuse of minors and extending the civil statute of limitations for lawsuits alleging sexual abuse of minors until the victim reaches 50 years of age. The bill would also waive sovereign and governmental immunity for claims.

Senate Bill 261, which now goes back to the Senate for concurrence, includes several of the recommendations outlined by the state attorney general after the August release of a report alleging widespread coverup of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church across the state and dating back generations.

Another one of the recommendations – which would increase penalties for mandated reporters who continue to fail to report suspected child abuse – was reported out of committee on Wednesday. 
Organizations Given Option of Carrying EpiPens

To help save lives in emergency situations, the House unanimously approved legislation this week that would allow law enforcement and a variety of organizations and businesses to carry epinephrine auto-injectors, known as EpiPens.

House Bill 126 would permit a number of entities – law enforcement, recreation camps, colleges, universities, day cares, youth sports leagues, amusement parks, restaurants, places of employment and sports arenas – to stock a supply of EpiPens in the event a patron comes in contact with an allergen and has an anaphylactic reaction, which could be fatal.

Under the legislation, a designated employee must receive training in how to recognize signs and symptoms of severe allergic reactions. Immunity would be granted for those who reasonably administer the EpiPen in good faith.

The bill has been sent back to the Senate for agreement. 
Expanding Broadband Access and Availability

More than 30 House members gathered Tuesday at the Capitol for the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly’s Broadband Caucus. The goal of the group, which includes members from both sides of the aisle, is to bring access to high-speed internet to unserved and underserved areas of Pennsylvania.

Speakers included representatives from AT&T, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, Department of Community and Economic Development, Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and Pennsylvania State Grange.

Leaders of the caucus have put forward a four-bill package of legislation that would address compliance of non-rural telecommunication carriers, use of existing state communications assets, recommend improvements to the deployment of high-speed broadband services and audit the existing Educational Technology Fund. 
In the District

Congratulations to Vigilant Hose Company No. 1 in Shippensburg, which is celebrating 175 years of service to the community. Last weekend during their open house, it was my privilege to present a House citation in recognition of this milestone to company president Gregory Coy, and his wife, Kathy, who is the mayor.

I had a great experience on Saturday at Perry Farm Fest in Newport, which celebrates our local agricultural industry. Spent some time visiting with the guys from Lindgren Craft Brewery in Duncannon. 
New Webpage Dedicated to Unclaimed Military Medals

The Pennsylvania Treasury announced the launch of a new website that reunites military decorations with their rightful owners.

The new search function allows users to search their names, or the name of a loved one, to see if Treasury is holding a military decoration as unclaimed property. In addition, users can look through a photo gallery featuring some of the decorations that are in the unclaimed property vault, as well as medals that have been returned to their rightful owners. Military decorations are often reported to Treasury as contents held in a safe deposit box that has gone unclaimed or abandoned.

Since 2017, Treasury has returned 58 service decorations, some of which have been in Treasury’s custody for decades, including Purple Hearts, to their rightful owners. The department continues to search for the owners of over 500 unclaimed military awards.

Search for unclaimed military decorations here
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