Apr. 30, 2019

HARRISBURG – Legislation that would improve highway safety by affording certain rights to organized motorcycle processions, sponsored by Rep. Mark Keller (R-Perry/Cumberland), was overwhelmingly approved by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Monday. House Bill 634 now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Under Keller’s proposal, such processions, which are often charity events, would have many of the same rights that funeral processions currently receive in Pennsylvania.

“As an avid motorcycle rider who has taken part in many of these large group rides, I have a number of concerns with such events,” said Keller. “My legislation would make motorcycle processions safer for both the participants and other motorists by bringing them into compliance with the state Vehicle Code.

Under House Bill 634, which does not apply to the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, organized motorcycle processions:

• Are defined as a group of no fewer than 10 riders, not including the lead or trailing vehicle or motorcycle.
• Must be conducted between the hours of 8 a.m. and sunset.
• Must be sponsored by a corporation or a nonprofit organization for memorial or charitable purposes.
• Must notify the affected municipalities no later than 14 days in advance.
• Must designate a member of the procession to direct, control or regulate traffic.
• Would be able to proceed through a red light or stop sign as a group.
• Must have at least 10% of the riders wear an approved yellow reflective vest.
• Would be required to have the lead and trailing vehicle equipped with flashing yellow lights, lighted head lamps and emergency flashers. All other participants would be required to have lighted head lamps and emergency flashers.
• Would require riders to bear a yellow bandana or cloth to designate the motorcycle as part of the procession.
• Would require riders to give right-of-way to emergency vehicles.
• Would be specifically listed among those groups exempt from “following too closely.”

Keller sponsored similar legislation last session, which passed in the House.

Representative Mark Keller
86th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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